Young man who slept with numerous girls at cemetery confesses


A 22-year old young man has revealed in an interview how he had sex with several girls in a cemetery.
According to the young boy, he was introduced to this practice by his girlfriend at age 17 in secondary school.
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He explained that he was convinced by a girl who later became his girlfriend to have sex with her in a cemetery.
He stated that the girl promised to pay his school fees which he could not afford because he was from a poor home and his mother had passed away.
The young man added that he had no choice than to adhere to the lady’s request because he was desperate.
According to him, the habit of having sex with the girl in the cemetery became an everyday thing which he enjoyed.
He also noted his first sexual experience was with his girlfriend in the cemetery and after he completed school, he normally visits the school which is in the Eastern region to lure some of the students to have sex with him at the cemetery.
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The young man added that he has slept with several girls at the cemetery and there were few he took home to have sex with.
He further explained that he drugged some of the girls he took home to enable him to have sex with them easily.
The young man made this shocking revelation in an interview with Nana Yaw Sarfoh on Vision1.
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