You Will Never Get Medikal Back Now That He Is Riding A Big ‘Tundra’ Fella Makafui-Delay’s Advice To Sister Derby


Fella Makafui has been rumoured to have snatched Medikal from Derby which has caused a break up between Derby and Medikal.

Their breakup seems to have affhected sister Derby unlike Medikal who is all happy and posting pictures of his new lover, Fella Makafui.

Ghanaian Television show host,Delayknown as Kwahu Oprah Winfrey says Sister Derby should just accept the break up between herself and Medikal because Fella Makafui has nice curves which Derby lacks.

According to her, the YOLO actress has more backside ‘assets’ that whenever she shakes, things go beyond control.

Not long ago he posted a video of Fella cooking in his kitchen which subtly indicates that he likes the way she cooks and not that of Sister Derby.

She blamed the two lovers, Medikal and Derby for putting their relationship on social media either than that nobody would know who ditched who.