Wendy Shay Displays Her Erect N*pples At BF Suma Concert All In The Name Of Breast Awareness


Wendy Shay, Ruftown Records signee, whom many complain of her choice of music and dance move has always been in the news for weird reasons and she is in the news again. she was at the BF Suma Concert on saturday 27th October 2018, she gave patrons of the BF Suma Concert at the Fantasy Dome what could be described as a mouth-watering performance.

Whendy Shay whom most Ghanaians say is not talented like Ebony Reigns aside the great dose of music she gave all those who were in the auditorium for the concert coupled with her superb stagecraft, Wendy Shay decided to top it all up with slight glimpses of her erected nipples to eyes which could really see.

Wendy Shay throughout her performance turned around to show her a$$ to the crowd like she always do not for the shared reason of showing the fine a$$, but to get the n**ples back to the rightful position.