We Prefer to take pics of Dying persons in need instead of helping save their lives, Ooh Ghana.


Our core duties on earth is to love eachother, help ourselves and live a life void of hatred and wrongdoing against anyone. I’ve lived to see how technology has evolved not only in our physical lives but also our emotional lives. The use of social media has not only twisted our behaviour making us forgeting the first commandment with a promise “Love Your Neighbour As Yourself”, to hit right on the nail is our incessesant behaviour towards people in need of help at a particular point in time whiles we stand with our Mobile Phones capturing the moments on Facebook, Instagram,Youtube amongst other social media pages. The big Question is “what has gotten into us, dont we have some little sense of compassion, pity, passion and love anymore as humans from different religions and walks of life! I happen to chance upon a brief post by a follower on instagram Lexonart, and i did like to share with us; it Reads Below in an Instagram Post..


This morning I was sent a video of a man drowning, crying out for help and everyone was on a bridge recording…That shit hurts. Another man jumped in, but could barely swim and so they both began to struggle. Just before they both drowned, the main video man said, "Damn this is gonna be good for YouTube!" As they started fading into the murky depths, their lifeless bodies became obscure until it was just the reflection of the crowd shown on the surface of the water with phones held in hand looking back at themselves, liquid mirror. There was a pause, then chatter and someone went, "Both them motherf**kers gone drown" another said "Oh shit somebody call 911." Let that sink in. I can't even hashtag this post. Note: a few tried to help when it was too late. But it's often like that with these situations. It's always when it's too late.

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The big question after reading the above post is how social media would evolve we humans in the next coming generations as we are only keen taking pics of Accidents, injured persons and bad moments just for likes and followers on social media instead of reaching out to help the needy person in dye of help. Today you are holding your phone taking shot and video of someone in desperate need or in trouble, note tommorow it could be you in that same situation gasping for help whiles others also stand with their phones capturing your dying moments.

The way forward is to share this post first, change your mentality when people need help in times of accidents and help educate your friends, colleagues and family as tomorrow is never guaranteed for anyone. For the society and nation of Ghana to move on, we need to be united and the core ingredients of unity is Love, tolerance and respect. Share this Post and help spread the campaign to reach out to help instead of capturing dying moments of people..