Video:Rosemond Brown Goes Mad on Social Media To Accept Love Proposal


Ghanaian actress and social media  lover, Rosemond Brown popularly known as Akuapem Poloo has finally gone mad on social media just as Archipalago predicted some weeks ago.

Her current attitude on social media confirms Archipalago’s predictions which stated that Akuapem Poloo will go crazy soon o social media. A lot of women these days have taken social media as a place where they do everything ranging from their relationship to when their retiring to bed.

Rosemond Brown is no exception as she is always seen posting videos of herself dancing in a weird way either in her room or car. though she is not fluent in the English language, she always speaks in english or social media and many of her critics mock her for that.

Not long ago, a Ghanaian musician,Fameye mentioned that he wants to have babies with the actress. dancing to the tune of Famey’s song confirms that she has accepted his request.

Rosemnd Brown seems to be trying so hard to win the hearts of most Ghanaians by attending every programme that hits Ghana but to no avail.