Video of Cecilia Marfo being delivered of Marine spirit hits online


A lot of allegations and accusations have been made and thrown at the “Afunumu Ba” hitmaker, Cecilia Marfo in recent times. Many of those allegations center on occultism and fornication.
Well, a video which allegedly to confirm the occultism allegations has been obtained by Ghpage TV on Youtube and it’s very worrying for someone who is a popular Evangelist, prophetess, and a sensational gospel musician.
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In the video, Cecilia Marfo was confessing to being possessed with marine spirit popularly known as Maame Water in local parlance.
A man of God was praying over a very ill Cecilia Marfo and the spirit sort of spoke through her and revealed she (the spirit) is the one possessing her body no.
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The spirit further revealed Cecilia Marfo was sold to her for an amount of 500,000 Cedis which is GHS50 now and the pastor should refund it if she wants Cecilia Marfo freed.
The spirt revealed it was the musician’s family who sold her to the maame water spirit and the said amount must be paid if they want her freed off the maame water spirit.

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About two weeks after a former associate pastor of Cecilia Marfo and her former cook made allegations against her including an allegation that she slept with another pastor at the church, an audio of the said pastor confirming sleeping with her popped up.
The former cook also alleged that Cecilia Marfo once asked him to put his manhood in her hands for her to pray for him.
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Despite all these crazy allegations including one that she buried money with Ghanaian gospel musicians names on it at her church, Cecilia Marfo remains silent. She has never come out to confirm, deny or even attempt to explain any of the allegations.
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