The ongoing banter between Evangelist Addai and Kofi Adoma of “Kofi TV on YouTube is never ending. In a series of rants recently the Maverick Evangelist accused Kofi Adoma of using Ama Martha a deprived girl whom Kofi Adoma and his Kofi Tv crew sought out to help after they reported themselves that the girl was accused falsely of witch-hunt and also the cause of of her three newborn babies.

It was noted that the Evangelist cautioned the public to be aware of the tactics and antics of Kofi Adoma and his crew as plans were underway to use the poor girl for sacrifice, in a rather unbelievable turn of events the lady passed on during labour at the Korle Bu teaching Hospital after an unsuccessful Cesarean operation and a failed birth labour.

Evangelist Addai has since called Kofi Adoma to book insisting he is to blame for the poor girl’s passing, which Kofi Adoma who is currently in USA Worcester vowed to sue him regarding these faint allegations which lack merit and evidence.

Hence the In-law of Evangelist Addai in a live Facebook Interview on Kofi Tv with Kofi Adoma accused Evangelist Addai of been a woman Beater and always beating his wife, Father of Evangelist Addai also asked for forgiveness of his Sons actions as he believes his Son is Tormented by some sought of Illuminati Spirits or Suffering from some sought of Bipolar or Psychological brain damage in a live interview with Kofi Adoma on his Kofi Tv channel on YouTube. [watch video below]