Ugandan Minister warns 7-year-old musician to quit rapping


Ugandan 7-year-old rapper, Patrick Ssenyonjo popularly known as Fresh Kid has been warned by the Youth Minister to quit rapping or get arrested.
According to the Youth Minister, Florence Nakiwala claims the young musician has been skipping school and performing in night clubs.
She added that Fresh Kid should concentrate on school or face the consequences of being taken to a juvenile prison if he disobeys her orders.
Patrick Ssenyonjo aka, Fresh Kid
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“The constitution clearly states that no one under the age of 18 is allowed to work therefore Fresh kid should not be working rather be in school.
Children who are below 18 years are not allowed to perform and enter in clubs, so I am going to do everything possible to stop kids from performing and entering clubs. Anyone found aiding his music career will have to face the law as well,
I take this opportunity to warn all of you who are engaging children in things like this and renting them houses, you will also be arrested according to the law”, Florence Nakiwala stated.
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However, the manager of Fresh Kid, Francis Kamoga refuted the above claims stating that his musician only performs on weekends and does not even get paid for it which he believes cannot be termed as working.
He also stated that Fresh Kid attends school regularly and that he performing during the weekends doesn’t affect his studies.
Francis disclosed that he discovered Fresh Kid in the rural village miming songs and later decided to bring him to the city to help him pursue his music career and also started paying his school fees.
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