TV3 only used us to make money from sponsors-Mentor Winner exposes


The Season 7 Mentor winner, Roselyn Akosua Mantey aka “First Lady” has boldly come out to expose TV3 network over their dubious contract with TV3 Mentor winners and why none of the winners over the years have shined to be who the whole world expected them to be.
According to First Lady who has hardly been seen since she won the prestigious reality show 6 years ago, TV3 do not honor their contract of recording and shooting videos for winners for one year.
Roselyn Akosua Mantey aka “First Lady”
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In fact, as a winner herself, she revealed she does not even have a copy of the contract and neither does any of the winners have any of the contracts which were supposed to be biding on winners and the network
The talented young lady, Roselyn Akosua Mantey who has now shun all music activities due to the disappointment from TV3 revealed the main purpose of the TV3 Mentor show is just to milk sponsors; TV3 does not have any intention of helping anybody to shine.
Roselyn Akosua Mantey aka “First Lady”
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In a comment reacting to Caleb Nii Boye’s post on Facebook which sought to find out why none of the Mentor Winners are doing mainstream music despite the huge talent which the whole world saw in them, Frist Lady wrote:
What people don’t know is that when you win Tv3 mentor. The contract you sign with them they don’t fulfill it. Till now I don’t even have a copy of the contract and for a fact, you can ask the winners if they have a copy of it. In the contact it’s says they will record and shoot videos, manage you for a year but they did nothing.It’s all lies wai. Since you have sign a contract with then you are scared to mess up, so you have no option than to wait till it ends.They used us to make money and you know managing fame is not easy. After a year no record label wants to sign you cos at the fresh start of your career that’s when they wanted to continue from but since Tv3 has turn their self to konogo kaya osua )no so )ma obi nsua. Don’t come and reply dfghhgjjgjkgtgchj for here.
Roselyn Akosua Mantey’s coment on Facebokk
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In subsequent comments, Roselyn Akosua Mantey aka “First Lady” happily stated she is happy she has found something better doing with her life which pays far better than the fake promise from TV3.
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