Tobi Sanni gave Becca’s witch mother $10,000 before he married Becca-Counselor Lutterodt alleges


Counselor George Lutterodt has alleged that Tobi Sanni Daniel, the husband of Becca gave his mother-in-law, Madam Juliana Yiadom-Oti $10,000 before Tobi and Becca married.
According to Lutterodt, everything Becca’s mother has said about Becca and Tobi is a lie and if she is not a witch she wouldn’t have come out to make those allegations.
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The controversial celebrity critic revealed that despite the fact that Becca’s mother, Madam Juliana dumped her own child, Becca at the age of 1 year 7 months on her stepmother Tobi still loves her and even sent her $10,00 before he married Becca as a sign of appreciation.
Counselor Kutterodt boldly called Madam Juliana witch and warned her to stay out of Becca’s life since she has never been part of her life.
Lutterodt explained that Becca was raised by her stepmother, Mrs. Acheampong and if not for family members, nobody knew Becca was not her biological daughter because she and Becca share a very close bond.
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Madam Juliana Yiadom-Oti, Becca’s mother came out over the weekend to make some damning revelations about Becca’s husband.
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She has alleged that Becca husband has called her a witch and has banned Becca from talking to her. She also claimed Becca and her husband relegated her to the background at Becca’s wedding.
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