Things To Do In Other To Make Your Man Stay.


Women forget the fact that there are many things that can keep their men. we have forgotten the old traditions and teachings taught by our forefathers. Teachings that would make a woman feel that she isn’t ready for marriage,she isn’t ready to maintain and keep her man to herself. Until her family feels or she feels she is ready.

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Today i am going to educate you on how to keep your man. This should be a secret tool for the women but the men could take a tip from it. We women have some great power that allows us to control our men. Powers like that of superman and cat -woman. The things a woman could do to keep her man is to;

  1. Give your man the best food: There is this sayings of our mothers “the way to a man heart is through his stomach. One morning surprise him with a nice dish, it could be his favorite or a dish he hasn’t seen before. Sit close to him and then feed him in a romantic way. My lady this would surprise him but the look on his face would tell u his pleased.
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2. Change your style of having sex: if you use to ly down and he be on top of you my sister change because men get fed up of the same thing. My sister there is no harm in trying something new. There are numerous of style on the internet that one could look and then try in the bedroom. whiles having sex with him let him know how manly he is and how u enjoying it to

The best sex positions - what are they?

3. Treat him with respect: we women turn to speak to our men any how when given that chance. men always want to feel that they are the ones in charge. Don’t exchange words with him no matter what, don’t throw your hands at him and lastly don use threatening words. These words turn to pull them away.

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4.Create lots fun: fun could be an indoor games. crack jokes , play like kids, go out for sports together and then a game of ludo were you guys could bet on things. on my side i always like to talk about ladies big asses to my man. we could go to the mall find some place to sit and look at the different kind of asses passing by. if we would laugh we laugh. then we tease each other and walk away. am not saying do this but find a fun game that could keep your relationship. not to forget in all these be a woman of prayers.

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My fellow women if we are to do these things i assure you that our men would think twice before leaving us