The Current Songs Ghanaian Musicians Do Are Senseless And Has No Message-Legendary Musician Gyedu Ambolley Declares


In recent times Ghanaian musicians do not care about the kind of lyrics in the song they make. Most of the songs are full of profane words and this can be a contributing factor to the rise in social vices in our communities these days.

Many people will argue that the musicians have adopted this trend because they have realized that to be the taste of their audience.

One person who has condemned the lyrics of our latest musicians is our very own legendary musician Gyedu Ambolley.

Giving the reason to this profane lyrics of our musicians, Gyedu Ambolley, stated that the inactive state of Highlife music genre in the country is part of the reasons. To him, there’s no music genre which carries weight (content-wise) than Highlife. So, the downward surge of Highlife means good lyrical content will continue to suffer.

He added that the current trend of music has no message to make impact in the lives of the youth.

“In The Olden Days, Every Song You Would Hear Teaches You About The Dos And Donts In Life But Today’s Music Trend Is Talking About Things That Don’t Impact Lives Especially The Youth. There’s No Message That Inspires Like The Highlife We Produced During Our Time. ” He Told GNA Entertainment.