Slay Queens queue up in shop to buy ‘juju’ to charm their boyfriends

215 has sighted a video where young ladies queued up in a shop to buy special ornaments that can be used to charm and seek favour from men.
Several young ladies were seen in the shop waiting patiently for their turns as they explained to the shop attendants the kind of charms they need.
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According to the shop attendant identified as Mama Gee, the products she sells are natural herbs that can be used to build relationships and marriages.
She explained that some of these herbs are inserted into the vagina to make it sweeter during sex which can make ladies ask for a favour in return.
She also explained that the aphrodisiacs she sells to the ladies make sex more enjoyable and that there are no side effects or spiritual issues.
Mama Gee also sells amulets in the form of beads that ladies wear to charm men to provide all their needs and fulfil their requests.

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Some Ghanaian ladies videoed buying favor and Charm medicine — to obviously Charm men ! I knew of for girls.. now it’s for boys ?
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It’s amazing how these ladies believe these so-called charms will work for them as several ladies including lactating mothers were seen in the video waiting to buy their charms.
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