“Skopatuman” challenge hits social media


Social media has once again gotten something new to make noise about and this time around its about Swedru-based artiste Patapaa’s rap in a song titled “Daavi niba”.
The song which belongs to Kawoula Biov was released in February 2019 but it has been low-key since Patapaa himself was not around to help promote the song but the video was released recently and has got social media bashing.

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Patapaa’s verse on the song has gotten a lot of people asking what he was actually saying since all that he was saying was gibberish better still he was the only person who understands what he really meant in the song.
Well, trust social media users to try and imitate the “One corner” hitmaker’s line as various people have shared videos of themselves trying to repeat Patapaa’s lines in the song.
Below is a video of some of the compilation we have gathered so far

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From what we gathered, Patapaa is trying to buy the song from the original owner since his lines in the song is what is making the song trend and popular.
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