Sister Derby Desperately Looking For A Man Of Her Own?


Genuine romantic relationship in contemporary times is gradually fading out because most people look out for so many material and unrealistic things from their partners.

Ghanaian rapper, Medikal and his ex-girlfriend sister Derby, broke up although their relationship looked so perfect and some Ghanaians alleged that Medikal left Derby because she doesn’t have big botors.

But Medikal debunked that rumour claiming that Derby didn’t know how to cook well that’s why he dumbed her for Fella Makafui whom he might be marrying soon. Because the young entrepreneur was seen flaunting a promise ring on social media just to tell Ghanaians that their union is on solid grounds.

In a current Instagram post, Fella and Medikal were seen in a photo that looks like their pre-wedding photoshoot. This photo is obviously causing so much pain in Derby who doesn’t seem to have gotten over Medikal hence compelling her to also look for a boyfriend.
She took to her Instagram handle and stated that she wants a fuck in Ghana. Apparently, Derby is not happy and wants someone to relieve her of her pain. Her fans who weren’t happy with her decision advised her not to rush into another relationship because she is still beautiful.