Sister Derby Calls Medikal’s Love For Fella Kakalika Love


Offlate, people foolishly display their relationship on social media all because they want others to see them as a happy couple, whilst others also do it for fame. This sometimes affects the parties involved when there is a breakup.

One person who has been a victim of this circumstance is songstress Derby. She has been in a passionate relationship with Ghanaian rapper Medikal although she is far older than him.

Medikal painfully dumped Sister Derby amidst the public display of their romantic relationship. He dumped her all because sister Derby couldn’t cook and doesn’t have a big a$$ like that of Fella Makafui which he confirmed in his current love song to the actress.

Medikal released a new song yesterday which was directed towards sister Derby and stating that she is so controlling but he has found someone who has a big a$$ and wouldn’t control him.