Songstress Eshun has once again open up in a rather controversial ordeal and encounter with Mallams or Spiritualists who claim that they could have helped her get a hit song and be popular if she was willing to come to terms with them. In a interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz 103.9 FM, the Someone loves Me Hitmaker reveals the Mallam likened that she could be just like Ebony if she agrees for him to start the process for him as a spiritualist. Opening up more on the stunning revelations she said the Mallam in question asked for her Pubic Hair, CD copy of her song amongst other things.

She however revealed she declined those offers due to her stun faith in Jesus and also her christian ideals way of life, explaining if she hasn’t got any hit songs yet then is because she is in the process of getting there or it is not the right time yet for her since Shortcuts often leads Danger. She also did made some outstanding revelations surrounding controversies between her and Fuse ODG and the current fued between her management and the Central Region Natives on a clean up campaign gone wrong. Watch full Interview Below when she made those revelations on Hitz FM earlier today!