Sexually addicted Slay Queen share story of her deliverance


A Say Queen who was addicted to sex and it’s related acts and has delivered from it has come out on social media to share the story of her delivery.
The former nymphomaniac with the twitter handle @ymlx took to Twitter to share her story of how she was addicted to sex, masturbation, pornography, and soo many things.
The slay queen before deliverance
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She recounted her life when she was deep in the world possess by these ungodly things and her experience when she finally found God
The young lady tweeted:
•Addicted to sex
•Prideful of my body figure
•Porn/masturbation addict
FOR I AM A NEW THING IN CHRIST. If he did it for me he can do it for you too!
Slay Queen’s first tweet
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She went on to recount the prophecy her pastor told and how it all has come to reality after her deliverance.
The Slay Queen’s tweet
Check out her photos during her deliverance service
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The Slay Queen during her deliverance
The Slay Queen during her deliverance
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We thank God for her life. God continue to bless her.
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