Richman buries girlfriend with Hummer car


When one dies the common practice is that the family and friend of the deceased to bury him/her with coffin but a billionaire has defied all odds and buried his girlfriend in a luxurious Hummer car.
According to reports, the boyfriend of the lady promised to spoil her with a Hummer car amongst other things when she was sick and on her sick bed in a bid to motivate her to get better.

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And when she died, he decided to honor his promise to her by ensuring that she received the gift as promised.
The burial took place in a small community where some can’t afford a 3square meal. The billionaire was worried that some people might steel d car so he ordered multilayers on concrete be placed on it.
See picture below:

He also employed the services of some men in the community to serve as security men at the graveside.
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