Private legal practitioner, Maurice Ampaw, has charged married women of Kwasitwikrom in the Central Region who claim the intense noise pollution produced in the area through sand winning activities disturb their love-making at night, to petition the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) about the matter.

Mr Ampaw has advised the women to officially report to the EPA and the Municipal Assembly to investigate and deal with the matter.

“They [the wives] have an issue because every man will be distressed and every man needs peace of mind and focus to be able to perform in bed.

“Therefore, if there is any form of stress, frustration, emotional instability, it is likely to affect their performance in bed, and, so, the women have genuine concern and I think what they need to do is to petition the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and then the Municipal Assembly to go and check the noise level and to ensure sanity prevails in the community.

“It is a right concern and they should not take it likely at all,” Mr Ampaw told Class91.3FM on Friday, 10 August 2018.

The frustrated women said the blaring noise from the site interferes with their sexual activities as their husbands easily get distracted during coitus.

They have, therefore, appealed to local authorities, to regulate the activities of the sand winners so as to give them some respite during their love-making at night.

A woman who spoke to Class News’ regional correspondent, Calvis Tetteh, said: “At night when our husbands initiate sex, the noise from the tipper trucks become a major distraction, as a result, we are unable to enjoy sexual intercourse.

“For months now, we haven’t had sex because our husbands give up when they are unable to sustain erection due to the distraction. We need help to address this situation so our sexual lives can bounce back because our feelings are wasting away.”