Poverty makes people see every challenge as a spiritual one – Guru


Once famous Ghanaian hiplife musician, Yeboah Agyei Maradonna popularly known in Showbiz as Guru, who has now turned into a social media motivational speaker has made yet another controversial statement.
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According to Guru, it is the norm for people to attribute their problems to an unknown spiritual source and end up being enemies with most of their friends because they suspect them to be the cause.
He took to his Twitter account to write;
“Poverty makes you see every challenge in your life as spiritual and you end up creating enemies with people that would have helped you.“
Guru’s Tweet
Well, there’s no doubt in what he’s saying however there’s just one problem. A few years ago, it would be recalled that that Guru parted ways with his former manager, Richard Amankwah popularly known as Ray Moni.
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He subsequently granted an interview to Delay on the Delay show, claiming that a pastor had told him that someone close to him had poisoned him spiritually which resulted in his music career declining.
Although Guru did not mention Ray Moni’s name outright, all hints seemed to point at his estranged manager.
Now, the very same person who some years ago was pointing fingers at his friends for being the reason for his failing career, has turned around to say that poverty or generally failure in life makes people think people around them are the cause of the problems. How ironic ! Why the sudden U-turn Guru ?
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As the saying goes log in your eyes before you try to remove the speck of wood in another’s eye. It’s easy to be a motivational speaker but it’s apparently difficult to practice what you preach. If you agree with me, this is a obviously a case of double standards. Pick a side Guru.
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