PHOTO:You Will Die Like A Chiken, Tonto Dike Curses Ex-Husband For Paying Bloggers To Tarnish Her Image


Just like how any other couple love each other when they are together, Tonto Dikeh and her husband were madly in love with each other but all the love disappeared after they divorced. They were all over social media throwing tantrums when they divorced.

It looks like Tonto Dikeh is happy now and has moved on because she has a child of her own. After the marriage that couldn’t give her happiness has given her a son whom she holds unto.

It has been revealed that her ex-husband deliberately paid a blogger just to spoil her name so others will see her as a bad person. This made her so ferous and she has cursed him and the blogger since she found out about what her ex-husband did. She even went to the extent of calling him an imbecile.