PHOTO:Sandra Ankobia Mocks Delay For Posting A Picture Of Herself In A Plane, Calls Her A Villager


Delay, a popular television show host who is always found blasting people for what they do on social media seems to have done the same thing she talks about with disdain.

Some time ago, actress Sandra Ankobia took pictures of herself in s first-class plane and posted on social media. The least Sandra expected was to be mocked by our grandmother Delay.

Delay also travelled to the state and posted a picture of herself in the same first-class section of the plane she was travelling with forgetting herself that she always spoke bitterly about it.

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Sandra Ankobiah who was described as a villager by Delay for posting such a picture also seized the opportunity to also mock delay.

A social media user also asked Delay as to who the real villager is, now that she has also posted the same images on social media.