Peace Fm’s panellist Ola Micheal is stupid and a fool- Pamela Odame


Instagram big ‘chested’ model Pamela Odame Watara after long weeks of humiliation has decided to reply peace Fm’s entertainment panellist Ola Michaels after he exposed her of not attending Wisconsin university.
Pamela Odame Watara
Pamela who was at the studios of Rainbow radio with Nayas to promote their upcoming movie took the opportunity to react to Ola’s humiliation she put her through a few weeks ago.
“Wisconsin is not heaven, and I know a lot of people who have completed Legon university that I am even better than them. So if I have not completed Wisconsin or even if do not attend Wisconsin, it is not heaven.”She started by saying.
“That short guy at Peace FM called Ola claimed I do not attend the school. That dwarf, if not for anybody at all, I have really ‘mean’ that guy, the dwarf, that short guy. He looked at my face, fingers and told me I looked like a p*rn star, was it his mother or father he was talking to. There are so many people at Peace FM but he is the one I want to reply.”She added.
Ola Michael
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Pamela in the heat of the moment on Rainbow radio rained all manner of insults at Ola Michael calling him foolish, stupid and some unprintable words to make it clear that—Ola indeed humiliated her —and she is up for revenge.
“I even want to meet that stupid that face to face and deal with him”Pamela quickly added.

Pamela, a few weeks ago walked out of a live peace FM interview after she was clearly exposed of not attending Wisconson university after making it clear in an earlier interview that she attends the institution.
Ola, who was a panellist Peace Fm’e entertainment show on that fateful day really ‘roasted’ Pamela. A proponent of the exposé who by his background checks revealed the video vixen isn’t a student of that institution even tho she had a week ago stated she attends the school.
Ola drilled, put all the pertinent questions to her which made it obvious Pamela had been lying about the fact that she attends Wisconsin university which she doesn’t.
Pamela on Peace also reacted to the viral nak*d videos and admitted to having done a topless video in the past— but disassociated herself from one of the videos in which a lady was seen masturbating.
A few minutes into the interview, she was asked whether she is indeed a student of Wisconsin University which she had confirmed in an earlier interview on the same station.
This was brought up after checks by a panel member, Ola Michael revealed that Pamela had lied about being a student of Wisconsin.
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According to Ola Michael, Pamela only goes to the campus to visit her boyfriend who is a student of the school but Pamela insisted she is a student but failed to give enough proof to defend her claim.
According to Pam, her school ID number is 15 but she had left her student ID at home.
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It got heated to a point Pamela said she cannot continue the interview anymore—which at that point it was clear, the shame was too much for her to contain.

The SRC president was later called on the phone to clarify things which she revealed that ’15’ is not a student ID number because their format doesn’t match what Pamela said.
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