Patapaa reacts to smoking 80 euros of weed within 4 days in Europe


Justice Amoah aka Patapaa aka Patapeezy has finally reacted to smoking 80 euros of weed within just 4 days during his tour in Europe.
Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Patapaa revealed he does not smoke so all the allegations and rumors that he smoked almost GH¢500 just in four days during his tour are lies which has no backing.
“I don’t smoke so why are people seeking to bring me down” – Patapaa asked the host, Andy Dosty.
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Patapaa explained that he was raised in such a way that if anyone speaks evil against him, the evil turns back to the person started the false allegation so the people seeking to destroy his image should stand well.
When Patapaa was pushed to confirm if he has never smoked, he stated that it is God who created the weed so there is nothing wrong with it.
“Weed? which of the weed are you referring to? In any case, was it not God who created weed? If the organizers are saying I smoked in Europe then I spoke with them because I am not from Italy or Germany to know where weed is sold”, angry Patapeezy told Andy Dosty.
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News went viral a few days ago that Patapaa spent all his earnings on the Europe Tour on weed last week.
According to the report, Patapaa spent 80 euros on weed to the amazement of even the organizers who revealed that they have brought all kinds of artists from Africa to Europe but none smoke like Patapaa did.
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