Our Useless, Stupid And Senseless Leaders Must Fix Our Roads Else We Will All Die-Stonebwoy Cries


Ghanaian dancehall artiste, Stonebwoy was involved in an accident year ago which claimed the life of his twin brother. Stonebwoy is not the only person who has been a victim of the road accident in Ghana

Roads in Ghana are mostly in poor conditions due to the irresponsibility of our leaders.

Our roads have claimed the lives of most Ghanaian celebrities, both young and old. But our leaders have turned blind eyes to all the accidents in our country due to our poor roads.

Stonebwoy was also involved in an accident which affected his leg till date. His twin brother, unfortunately, lost his life in the accident.

The dancehall artist has stated that Ghanaian leaders must reason up and fix our roads in order to control the rate at which people die through a road accident.