Ace presenter Abeiku Aggrey Santana of Okay 101.7 Fm made known his disgust against men and women who l!ck themselves precisely at the Holy Part or Private parts during intimacy. He made this known on his show Ekwansodwodwo on Okay 101.7 Fm during time with a Doctor who was talking about some traits and how one can contract the disease of Hipetiasis especially during intimacy with a partner whose infected. According to the Prime time Award winning Radio host people dont only do the licking at private parts but also lick the hole for toilet or excretion. Abeiku Santana added, i think is not right for a man to lick a woman’s private part neither is it right for woman to do the same, adding it would be silly on anyone’s part to do that as the chances of contracting diseases is very high. Its Unknown why the male presenter utterly disgust this act as some other people seem to enjoy and be totally cool with licking a woman’s Toto, one of such is counselor lutterodt..