Nothing I did under Sarkcess Music was good enough-Strongman speaks


For the first time, Strongman has granted an interview ever since he left Sarkcess Music founded by decorated Ghanaian rapper, Micheal Owusu Addo known in showbiz as Sarkodie. Strongman was under Sarkcess Music for 2 years.’
In an interview with TV3, Strongman revealed that his time with Sarkcess Music was good and rough at the time. He revealed that nothing he did was good enough and was appreciated by the fans.
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According to Strongman because Sarkodie’s brand is bigger, everything he did was underrated by the fans because they compared him to Sarkodie. And with him and his boss doing the same music, there was no way people will see his efforts.
Strongman Burner
The only way for people to see his talent and give him the needed accolades was for him to leave the label and be on his own.
“Personally, I also see that I am doing really well. The only problem is that so far as you are under Sarkcess, people don’t really see what you are doing. If I was to be on my own, and I am doing what I was doing at Sarkcess, people will see me as a hero”, Strongman said.
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He admitted Sarkodie did his best for him when they worked together the past 2 years. He added that people allege that Sarkodie did not help him because they had much bigger expectations.
Sarkodie and Strongman
“But on the real, he was also doing his personal best and we are all trying to, you know, push the brand to that level but the fans; the expectations from the fans out there is very huge that the two of us cannot do anything about,” he said.
“You know it has been good and on the other side too, it would be rough at times. You know we are human beings, no matter whatever happens there would be someone or two issues which would come up that maybe he would not understand or me too I would not understand.
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“So in the nutshell, I would say that it was a good contract, but we just need to keep that good relationship even though the contract is no more, we still need to keep our relationship like father and son” Strongman added.
Strongman assured his fans he is determined to build a career in the music industry which will sustain him for a very long time to come. He revealed he is already going great on his own.

After two years of working together amidst rumors of sabotage from the Sarkcess Music boss, Strongman’s two years contract with Sarkcess Music came to an end in early April.
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There have been may reactions to the separation with a section of the media led by Shatta Wale alleging that Sarkodie is broke that is why he could not extend Strongman’s contract
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