N*dity And Ashawo Kelenke Job Has Helped me To Get 3 Million Followers On Social Media-Juliet Ibrahim Reveals


People these days love to show their relationship on social media just for hypes and for people to see how they are doing in their relationship.

They get ditch and they only cry in their rooms for fear of people mocking them for the breakup after all the love they shared on social media.

Efia Odo and Juliet Ibrahim are first class victims in this. Juliet Ibrahim was dating a Nigerian called Ice Slim. He dumped Juliet after all the lovely moment they shared on social media.

The actress has now developed some confidence and this confindence has landed her into Ashawo kelenke job where she no longer care about going nude on social media.

Recently she has posted a nude picture of herself to celebrate how nudity has helped her to reach 3 million followers on social media.