NAM1 is not coming back to Ghana anytime soon – Insider reveals

243 has gathered that the embattled CEO of Menzgold who was just released from jail in Dubai is not coming back to Ghana anytime soon contrary to the believes and expectations of the thousands of Menzgold customers across the country.
According to an inside source, there are two major reasons why NAM1 will not becoming to Ghana despite his desires to return to Ghana and settled the aggrieved customers who think he has absconded with their money.
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Interpol has rearrested NAM1 after he was found not guilty and set free. This was as a result of the red alert notice issued earlier by Ghana when the whereabouts of NAM1 was unknown. As it stands now, Interpol is yet to communicate the next plan of action with Ghana security service.
Nana Appiah Mensah aka NAM1
Again, Horizon Royal Diamonds DMCC, the Dubai gold dealership company which caused NAM1s arrest has up to 30 days to appeal the court ruling. Within the 30 days, Nana Appiah Mensah cannot leave Dubai.
In the likely situation that Horizon Royal Diamonds DMCC appeals the court ruling, Nana Appiah Mensah must stay in Dubai until the case is ruled.
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These are the main reasons has gathered will keep Nana Appiah Mensah away from Ghana for a very long time so Menzgold customers should brace themselves for the struggles ahead.
NAM1 was set free by Dubai court on 9th April 2019 after Horizon Royal Diamonds DMCC had him arrested on 4th December 2018. He was further awarded the $39 million he went chasing that landed him in jail by the court.
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