Lost in the main spotlight for a while now, Actor prince David Osei in a recent interview with Delay TV Revealed that the much heard speculations that he was a virgin till he met his wife is true, according to the Bad Boy Role Actor he was a virgin then and his wife took the Opportunity of breaking him somewhere in 2003 whiles they were schoolmates at University of Ghana legon. When asked why has he lost touch with the current dying movie industry, he responded it was dead before “Yes” but now i believe its resonating at a rather faster pace as a lot of his colleagues are currently shooting and working on different projects stressing he has even shot about four major Movies since he came back from the USA in March this year.

Opening up more on the way forward to his career, the Actor revealed he recently Shot a major role in Hollywood with the famous American televison CBS, He told Delay out there things are different and quality is phenomenal if you want to make it; so i audition in long queues for roles backed by the help of an American movie Agent.. See Interview on Delay Tv Below!