My So Called Judges Of Morality Do Worse Things Than Me-Moesha Bodung Declares


 is one of the successful women in ashawobrity who can’t be left out when one thinks of nudity. She sometimes attends events with her bra on but comes home without it.

Princess Shyngle together with Moesha is one of the leading members of nudity association of Ghana, who are always criticized by both men and women for what they post on social media. Princess Shyngle made the whole world aware that she won’t go back to nudity because she wanted a real man to marry but she couldn’t keep her promise as she is always seen posting nude contents.

Moesha who doesn’t really care about what others say about her have stated that her critics live the same life they criticise behind closed doors.

She made this statement on her Instagram page while posting an image of herself. She wrote to emphasize that it is very interesting how some people criticize others on the very things they themselves do in secret.