Mobile healthcare service App SeekMed now available in Ghana(Download)


Following its successful launch in Nigeria recently, a mobile app that is projected to disrupt the healthcare space is now available in Ghana.
Called SeekMed, the telemedicine app now offers Ghanaian users the opportunity to receive quality medical services including consultations and diagnostic services from the comfort of their homes.
The app connects users with qualified medical doctors in India, enabling them to leapfrog the time-consuming, difficult and often expensive process of traveling long distances for clinical consultations.
The doctors hosted on the app are recipients of Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri, the third and fourth highest civilian award respectively in the Republic of India, which is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations for Ghanaian patients.
SeekMed users will for the first time be able to completely sidestep the inefficient conventional diagnostic and consulting process without spending a fortune to do so.
Explaining how it works, SeekMed founder Alok Awasthi says:
“With SeekMed, you can easily send an appointment request to your trusted doctor, make an online payment, share scans/reports and have video consultation from the comfort of your home, thereby eliminating the often gruesome yet unavoidable decision of travelling long distances for just a few minutes of consultation; a considerably relaxing alternative.”
Alok Awasthi
Through its user-friendly interactive user interface, patients and physicians can communicate in real-time while maintaining full HIPAA compliance. In addition to saving the time and effort involved in traditional consultation, SeekMed also eliminates a large part of the expense involved in medical tourism. Rather than traveling to India to seek medical advice, SeekMed has brought Indian medical expertise to Ghana.
For now, SeekMed is only available to Android users. You can download SeekMed on the Google Play Store at
You can also visit the SeekMed website here, and follow SeekMed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
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