The current bizarre scene of a policeman Mr Federick Amanor which is circulating on social media have yet raised questions on the conduct of some police officers in Ghana who tend to put the law in their own hands at the mercy of helpless citizens. Speaking on the evening news on Peace Fm Evening news The Deputy Minister of Gender and Social Protection Mrs Gifty Ampofo Twum stated she first of all condemns such acts against minors and women which shows the highest level of lack of respect for women in Ghana, stating that she is shocked and in deep sorrow after watching the alledged video, according to the Minister no one should go through this even as a male, questioning why would a woman be abused trying to access her own funds and deposit at a Bank. She also reacted to why none of the male staffs of Midland Savings and loans tried stopping the Policeman but only took the child of the woman to allow the policeman to continue abuse the woman without heart. She further said she has made calls to DOVVSU (Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit) and also IGP to investigate the issue at hand and also give the necessary sanctions at to the culprit. According to the Deputy Minister, Only a policeman who is on drugS could do this harm to an innocent citizen, affirming that she would mobilize women to demonstrate and hit the roads if nothing is done about this matter and if persons in high office try to conceal the matter. Currently FIDA, Ministry of Interior and other social protection have also weighed in on this matter demanding justice for the victim. would follow up on this matter to bring you more on this update. Watch full video of when the Minister passed those comments below.