Midland Woman deserved B£ating very well, Mrs Akua Donkor


Akua Donkor has argued that the assaulted woman at Midlands deserves her predicament .

The controversial politician believes the woman broke protocol.

The woman who was attacked has won the hearts of Ghanaians who are currently donating to her In spite of the kind words of sympathy and massive donations made to the elderly woman who got assaulted by a police officer at the Midlands Savings and Loans office in Accra, former presidential candidate, Akua Donkor, thinks she is a thief who deserves to be beaten.

According to the founder of the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP), the assaulted woman broke security protocol hence she deserving that treatment.

“The beatings they gave her were not enough, they should have beaten her even more because she is a thief. That’s what the ladies do now and I have evidence to back it. I don’t know either of the two people; the policeman nor the woman but I’m telling you the facts on the ground. They plan, get to the targeted location, wait till there are just a few persons and then they execute their plans,” she argued in an interview with Ghanaweb.

The argument of Akua Donkor could be frowned against by a large majority of Ghanaians including the president who has spoken publicly against such act of brutality.