Meet Asibuo Kofi Nti, the CEO of BirdEmpire, Signature Pub and Lounge located at Bechem


Ghana Page chooses today to celebrate one illustrious son of Ghana who is brightening the corner he is to the glory of Ghana as well as creating employment for 10s of Ghanaians through his work. He is called Mr. Asibuo Kofi Nti.
Asibuo Kofi Nti is the CEO of BirdsEmpire music production based in Bechem in the newly created Ahafo Region of Ghana. Asibuo Kofi Nti currently manages underground Music Group, ‘Dac Music who are set to take the industry by storm.
Asibuo Kofi Nti
The Illustrious young man is also the manager of the renowned ‘Signature Pub and Lounge” located inside Bechem, the Tano South Municipal capital in Ahafo Region.
Signature Pub and Lounge has for the years of its establishment been known as the best place within the vicinity to recline and have a good time be it an event or special occasion.
Signature Pub and Lounge
It’s famous as the best place for a family gets together, party, wedding reception, etc. Their customer service also stands out. Mr. Asibuo Kofi Nti is the manager of this excellent establishment. reached out to Asibuo Kofi Nti to know more about him and that was when we found out he is a Registered General Nurse.
Asibuo Kofi Nti
Asibuo Kofi Nti told he has a pending project which is set to be established in the same Bechem township. It will be the first specialized Dental Clinic to be put up in the town to care for the dental needs of its people.
Asibuo Kofi Nti
Today, we celebrate Asibuo Kofi Nti as a true son of Ghana and wishes him all the best in his featured endeavors…Go High!!
See More photos of his establishment below

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