Married man allegedly shot dead by side chick’s boyfriend on the girl’s bed

295 has sighted a post on social media from a lady explaining how a married man with kids has been shot by her side chick’s boyfriend on the bed of the side chick.
According to the lady with the Facebook name, Obaayaa Agyeiwaa Kodie, this man whom other facebook users named as Elder is married with children but he also had a girlfriend commonly referred to as side chick.
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He went to visit the side chick at her house and ended up spending the night. Unknown to the Elder, the lady also had another boyfriend who caught them.
It turned out he is a crazy guy who had a gun on him. He shot the man right on the bed of the girlfriend with no remorse.
The Social Media User’s posted:
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RIP to this fine man…. Information reaching is that he has a wife n kids plus a side chick, he went to twerp his side chick n her room n slept over, the side chick too av a man with a gun, he came to see this man in his woman’s room n shot him at the the spot He left his kids n wife n died over another tw3….this s how he s gonna explain himself to amorchi Hmmmm???Salomey fo) you tiiisssss
The social Media User’s post
Below is the photo of the said man who has allegedly been killed by his side chick’s boyfriend
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