Management of Menzgold begs Government to lift Interpol ‘Red flag’ on NAM 1


The management of Menzgold investment company has issued a petition to the government to lift the Interpol alert placed on its CEO Nana Appiah Mensah aka NAM 1 in faraway Dubai to enable him to pay customers.
The management asked that if revoking the Interpol alert would cause a problem for the government, they could consider a bail bond.
The company has made a formal appeal to the government in this regard.
Notices have been sent to all 194 Interpol states for Mr. Appiah Mensah’s arrest.
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“Among other pertinent factual issues raised with supporting documents, we urged the government to respectfully revoke the Interpol Red Notice Order or agree to a bail bond for the immediate release of our Chief Executive Officer of Menzgold,” the statement from Menzgold’s management appealed.
Watch the video of their statement below:

At the moment, the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) has frozen properties of Menzgold as well as other associated companies.
The associated companies include; the Menzgold Office Complex, Zylofon Art Complex, Brew Marketing Consult, Star Madrid Football Club, Zylofon Music and media company, Brew Energy Company Limited, G- Tech automobile service.
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