John Dramani Mahama has once again waided in the ongoing crisis besiging the free SHS system, earlier it was reported by the Ministry of Education that sudents intake into Senior High schools would be on the rise approxiamtely over a 100,000 as to its usual intake. As explained this was due to the increase in students population of Junior High school students who partook in the recent (BECE-Exams) and as noted the Education Ministry is on the verge of creating a double tract system implementation to cater for growing number of student population. According to the former president he lauds the Free SHS system but he strongly believes the double tract system is not a good alternative, hence suggests a consensual framework of stakeholders both other interest parties in education needs to be done to enact ways and measures to best savage this situation rather than implementing the double tract system. As noted the former Deputy Minister of Education Mr Okudjeto Ablakwa revealed the best way to go about this situation is continue with the infrastructural development of classrooms and the building of more schools that his administration first started so as to absorb more students in Senior Secondary Schools.