The all day talk issue about how a policeman brutalised a nessing mother has not only sent at outrage image on the nation but also lack of discipline among most Security personnels here in Ghana. Adding her voice to the call for justice is Veteran Actress Grace Omaboe popular known as “Maame Dokonno” speaking on Peace fm entertainment review she said after seeing the video she wept bitterly knowing how as a mother it feels not to have to cater for a two months old baby. She stated that arrest should be warranted for all those present at the time of the incident especially the culprit and the man who took the child so the security personnel could beat up the helpless woman really well. According to the longtime Obra Series Actress, she begs the president to please close down Midland Savings and loans if this is the humane treatment they give to customers who try to access their own funds at their bank. She added she has prepared cloth, undisclosed of money and also valuables to be given to the poor mother stating something like this should never ever happen again in Ghana maintaining that the culprit needs to be jailed and the Savings and loans Bank needs to be closed down immediately. Watch her full interview on Peace Fm Entertainment Review Today.