Licking Women Will Give You Cancer, Stop It-Revend Obofour


In recent times the youth and even the aged lick each other’s private part as a way of exploring their sexual pleasure. Although some doctors have spoken against men lick women’s vajajay, most men have turned deaf ears on this.

One man who is also against this practice is the founder and leader of Anointed Palace church, Reverend Obofour who has stated that licking a woman’s private part can cause throat cancer and so men should endeavour to desist from it.

He added that any man who is in an intimate relationship with more than three women is a criminal and a liar.

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Physically, it can cause throat cancer if the woman has an infection in her private part. If you want cancer, you can go ahead and do it“, he revealed the consequences of licking to men who are ignorant about it.

Watch the video below: