Lady who was exposed buying charm from Mama Gee finally speaks


Nana Abena Hertie, the Ghanaian Slay Queen who was exposed by as one of the major customers of Mama Gee who uses the juju to charm men has spoken for the first time.
Nana Abena Hertie has taken a swipe at all her critics who have accused her of using juju to charm men; a juju many claims she got from Mama Gee.
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According to the young lady, the video which went viral of her buying from Mama Gee is an old video that was taken when she visited Mama Gee’s.
Nana Abena Hertie
She warned people to stop judging her because they do not know what others are doing behind closed doors.
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Nana Abena Hertie was reacting to a post from someone asking how she will feel when she comes online and see her video trending
The Slay Queen Posted:
Nana Abena Hertie jabs critics
Already Ghanaian female celebrities who have used Mama Gee’s herbal charms and even advertised for them have been exposed.
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Akuapem Poloo, AJ Pounds, Maame Serwaa and many others have been captured on video praising Mama Gee’s charms that makes men mumu.
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