Kwesi Arthur’s dad reacts to his son’s plan to marry at age 35


Ground-up Charle frontman Kwesi Arthur some months ago in an interview revealed that he has no plans of settling down now but would start thinking about it when he turns 35.
According to him, marrying now would mean he has to put his music career on hold since he would be losing focus and rather focusing on becoming a family man.
After his comment, many people on social media sided with him others also urged him to take that thought off and rather choose a better person who understands his career and settle down with.
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Father of the rapper known as Samuel Danso Arthur in sharing his view about his son’s comment asked that his son shouldn’t be taken seriously.
According to Mr. Danso Arthur, he saw the headline about his son’s statement and wondered if his son was normal to make such a statement adding that 35 years was too much.
“He can’t be serious. I saw it and I said ‘this guy is he normal’? When you are young and you put structures in place, you make healthy babies. They should have asked him how old his dad was when he gave birth to him. I think 35 is too much,” Mr Danso said.
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He continued that he believes the “Woara” hitmakers statement has to do with some experiences he had whiles growing up but that was how life was meant to be it couldn’t guarantee anyone 100%.
Kwesi Arthur’s dad was grateful to his superstar son who according to him replaced his cab engine when it broke down recently.
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