Kidnapping And Contract Killing Has Become So Rampant in The Country.


The kidnapping and contract killing is now real and too much in Ghana. This is a as a results of too many illegal immigrant in the country ,and when you check in the system of the country, Ghanaian have too much immigrant.So you see this is killing a lot of people in the country especially youth in Ghana.

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This country has lots of immigrant example Nigerians. You would be seeing them roaming up and down in Ghana without papers and this cannot happen in the outside country like United State of America(USA),United Kingdom (UK) ETC.The Nigerian guys who live in this country without papers, what they do is to fraud the white outside the country and would be using the money for unnecessary things,convincing a lot of ladies in Ghana because of their fake moneys and finally kidnapping and using by killing them for sacrifice.

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Kidnappers now a days are using devious ways to deceive people into capturing them. You and i may one day fall a victim if we are not careful. these people come in handy with dangerous weapons and threatening words. We have had so many victims in this country Ghana and it has to stop. This should not be the case. I suggest we help the police find all these people in other to make our country comfortable for us , our family , love ones and friends.