Kennedy Agyapong Made Chief Of Lawra In The Upper West Regionm


The Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, who is well known for controversies is in the news again.

This time its not because of controversies but he has been enthrone as the Ting Maal Naa of Lawra in the Upper West Region.

Kennedy Agyapong now bears the title Naa Dery in addition to his name Kennedy Agyapong, per the customs and traditions of the people of Lawra.

The controversial and fearless MP was in the company of the MP for Lawra, Anthony Karbo, when the titled was conferred on him.

Kennedy is said to have  joined Karbo in the launch of the Ti-Deltaa Women’s Group which aims at empowering and supporting rural women of Lawra. His enskinment reportedly comes after the many developmental projects he has rolled out in his constituency and Ghana as a whole as an MP.

Most Ghanaians have tagged Kennedy of bring a controversial person who doesn’t care about anyone but it seems the people of Lawra have seen something good about him.