Ken Agyapong to bring 5 other witnesses to face Anas in Court for Bribery!


If you think the Maverick MP for Assin central Kennedy Agyapong is going to shut up or stop his fight to expose Anas, then you are wrong. He still stands on the fact that Anas is Corrupt, an extortionist and a blackmailer, hence have pledeged his doubters to bring other key witnesses to back his claim in court including alledged guys whom Anas paid to set up people for his selfish gains and others whom have been defamed by Anas. He however stressed that his fight against Anas is a geniune course that has no personal strings attached, also indicating that how can a corrupt person be exposing other corrupt people stressing on the Maxims Rules of Equity in the rule of law which states “He who comes into equity must come with clean hands” and “He who seeks equity must do equity”. Below is a Full Radio interview of Kennedy Agyapong when he passed those comments on Okay 101.7 Fm with Kwame Nkrumah Tikasea.