Jesus Christ was a Ghanaian from Akyem tribe-Ghanaian Anthropologist


A renowned Ghanaian anthropologist, Martin Kwasi Abrokwah has shocking revealed that Jesus Christ was a Ghanaian and he belonged to the Akan tribe specifically, the Akyem clan from the East Akyem District of Eastern Region of Ghana.
Martin Kwasi Abrokwah who is the author of “Revelation Movement of Akan People from Canaan to Ghana” speaking on Accra based Kasapa FM disclosed that Jesus Christ who is the foundation of Christianity and believed to be the son of God according to the Christianity is a full-blooded Ghanaian and he has no doubts about it.
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“Jesus Christ was originally an Akan, to be specific an Akyem. He was from Asiakwa, Asiakwa is Bethlehem, Kyebi (Kibi) is Beersheba, Kumasi is the same as Samaria. If we say Jesus is from the tribe of Judah, that tribe is the Akyem in Ghana,” Martin Kwasi Abrokwah said.
“The name Akyem is the short form of Jojakyem, the descendants of Jojakyem took the name Akyem as we know it in Ghana. Jojakyem was one time the king of Judah. From my etymological and anthropological research, Jesus Christ was a pure Akyem,” he added.
He also revealed that it was the Akan ethnic group who lived in Canaan that fought ancient Egyptians in the famous Israelite and the Egyptians war recorded in history and in the bible. He added the Akans were the first to defeat the Egyptians in a war.
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His research further revealed that the Akan tribe migrated to several locations and had encounters with Greeks and Romans before finally choosing Ghana as its settlement centuries ago.
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