It Won’t Affect Me If My Wife Sleeps With Another Man- Counselor Lutterodt


Having the fore knowledge of your spouse sleeping with another person is something most people abhor so much as a result of the fact that they wouldn’t want to share their partner with anyone.

Some women sometimes go to the extent of fighting women who flirt with their men in their bid to save their union.

However, controversial Ghanaian Counselor and man of God, George Lutterodt believes its normal for a romantic partner to cheat because you don’t own a person when you marry them.
He also said that he doesn’t mind and it won’t affect him if his wife sleeps with other men because cheating is part of marriage and a personal decision.

“If my wife cheats on me, it won’t affect me, it’s a personal decision”. He said.
Counselor Lutterodt said this in an argument with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM.

Asking Abeiku Whether its a sin to cheat in a relationship, George Lutterodt added that if a man cheats with another man’s wife its not a crime neither has he taken the ‘Toto’ away.

He further added that if another man sleeps with a person’s wife its for the wife’s happiness and nothing else.