Irresponsibility Made Juliet Ibrahim And Iceberg Slim To Breakup-Charles Novia


Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim had been in a relationship with Iceberg Slim for a while but the two broke up unexpectedly.

The break up between Juliet Ibrahim and musician Iceberg Slim shocked many people who had thought that the couple were in the relationship for the long haul.

Most of their fans fired them for breaking up but Charles Novia surpasses them all. His anger towards the two for breaking up has generated a lot of controversy on social media. Charles Osa Igbinovia, popularly known as Charles Novia, is a Nigerian filmmaker and social commentator who has taken to weighing on the matter of the breakup between Juliet and her ex-boyfriend.

To Charles the two have proven to be very irresponsible because of the irresponsible way they used to express their love in public. The film director was not pleased that after their very brave and assertive open display of their so called love, they still went on to break up in public, thus, reducing them to public ridicule.

His post read:’Any fiance who presses his fiancee’s nyansh like this and then they break up after this public display of ‘nyashcality’, has devalued the worth of that nyansh for other prospective ‘nyanshcals’. Both erstwhile betrothed were irresponsible to have even allowed this kind of picture go out in the first place. #NOVIA’S NUGGETS.”