I’m No Longer Interested In Going To Church-Jasmine Baroudi Reveals


Ghanaians love going to church so much that they even use working hours for church service. If God is to bless a country and its people, Ghana will be the first on the list due to their persistent way of worshipping Him.

Actress Jasmine has shocked Ghanaians, she says to hell with going to church!

She made this statement on “The Delay Show” that going to church is no longer part of her life even though she is a Christian.

Most people are of the view that tattoos are bad and that prevents a person who has a tattoo from donating blood, but the actress says she loves it, revealing that she has 15 of it.

In responding to whether she knows the Bible is against tattoo, she stated that she is doing a spiritual cleansing which is one of the reasons she is not going to church.